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For all the fan characters of Sonic and the fans of Sonic and his friends! We do not discriminate! Everyone is welcome! Beginning artists all the way to the professionals! Bring on your awesome characters and show off your fan art of the fastest hedgehog alive; his trusty two tailed sidekick; the ultimate lifeform; the knucklehead; and all your other favorite characters!
Founded 5 Years ago
Feb 5, 2012


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Fan Club

958 Members
766 Watchers
32,236 Pageviews
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All Group Rules

All Rules Are To Insure That All Of Our Members Have Fun, And To Make Sure The Group Runs Smoothly! Please Make Sure You Read Them Thoroughly Before You Join, Or If You Are Unsure Where To Submit A Deviation!


:heart:Group rules:heart:

:bulletred: NO profanity or arguing anywhere in the group. The first time you will get a fair warning. A group member will keep track of all members and their offenses. The second time you will be kicked out.
:bulletred: NO recolors are permitted in the group and no furry doll maker pieces either. We will allow bases but in your artist's comments we would like to see credit towards the base that you used or we will remove it from the group.
:bulletred: Members can submit as much as they want but please try to keep everything in the right folder. It is alot of work for us to go through them all and remove them.
:bulletred: NO STOLEN ARTWORK! If any of the staff sees it you WILL be automatically banned from the group and reported! Art theft is a crime!


Featured: This folder is for our best artwork that our members worked hard on. We vote these in so if you decide to try and submit something then we will deny it. These are chosen by us staff when we see something that screams creativity and hard work. Also all contest winning pieces will be moved here after contests as well.

Official Characters: This is for artwork of the original cast of characters from the Sonic The Hedgehog games and Sonic the Hedgehog Comics. If it is a couple, it does not belong here. It belongs in the Official Sonic Character Couples folder.

Fan Characters: This is where all you fan characters make their home! All fan character pieces belong here. That includes your single character, a group (of fan characters), or anything else. The only thing that does not belong here is your fan character couples. Those belong in the Fan Character Couples folder.

Sonic Official Characters and Fan Character(s): This is for artwork that at least includes one fan character and one character from the original Sonic cast in it. They can be fighting, having fun, throwing parties, etc. Just remember that your couples do not belong here.

Official Sonic Character Couples: Here’s the folder for the couples! This is for all couples made of original Sonic characters only. This would include Sonamy, Shadamy, Sonaze, Sonadow, Sonally, etc. Please no Mature Artwork in any of the couples folders please! Thank you :heart:

Fan Character Couples: Here is for your fan character couples. You know you have your own fan character that is in love with your other fan character or someone else’s fan character. This is the place for you!

Official Sonic CharacterxFan Character: This is for your fan character who is in love with one of the cast of original characters from Sonic. So you have a character who is in love with Shadow or in love with Knuckles or maybe in love with Amy Rose. All of that goes here! (NOTE: All couples folders include hetero and homosexual couples. There is nothing to segregate them. Love is love no matter who it is.)

Bios: Here’s where the bios for your fan characters go. NOTE: Bios and Refs are two different things according to our founder. Bios tell about the character’s background and personality. Anything like that goes here.

Ref Sheets: References go here! References are visuals made by you to show the physical appearance and details of your character. All references of your characters go in this lovely folder.

Fan Fiction: All fan fiction and stories, no matter what it is about, goes right here. This would include stories about your fan characters, stories you made up for your favorite couple, etc.

Mature Art: This is where all your mature artwork goes. We don’t care if it’s artwork, prose, poetry, etc. It goes HERE! And all Mature Artwork is voted in because we have to review it first.

Work In Progress: Want some advice on the progress of your artwork. Here’s the place. All unfinished artwork that you would like to show off in progress goes here.

Adoptables: For all auctions, both YCH (your character here) and adoptables! ^-^

Official Couple Fan Kids These are fan characters that are children of an Official Sonic Couple. So like if you have a charater who is the son of Shadow and Amy then your character will go here.

Chao This folder is for all your sonic chaos. If you have a little chao that would love some attention, then this is the folder for you.:D Please do not put any other deviatons into this folder. Thank you.:)

Blank Memes This folder is for blank memes. If you have made a meme, and want other people to see it or use it, this is the place to put it. This folder is NOT for memes that are finnished. Thank you.:)

Finnished Memes This folder is for finnished memes. If you've completed a meme, and want other people to see it, you can put them in this folder. Please, do not put unfinnished memes in this folder. Thank you.:)

Sonic The hedgehog Crossovers Basically any sonic the hedgehog Original characters or Fan characters crossed with another universe!
Please make sure the cross over is written in the artist description as our admins may have a hard time telling what it is sometimes. ^^; (our fonder is especially bad at this lol)

Blank memes Have a blank meme that you made? This is the folder for that!

Finished memes Finished a meme? Want people to see it? This is where it goes! Includes ALL finished memes! (does not include journals atm as DA does not appear to allow journal submitting. However, if you make a literature piece out of the journal, you should be able to submit that! Please title it correctly though so we know it was from a journal! )

IMPORTANT: If you upload any mature artwork to any folder other than the Mature Artwork folder, you will receive only ONE WARNING. After that, if you continue to upload mature artwork to the wrong folder, we WILL ban you from the group permanently. We do not tolerate that what so ever!
(Unless you make an honest mistake and report it right away. If you submit it and don’t report it right away and leave it there without telling anyone then we have all the more reason to enforce this rule.)

If you guys have any questions as to where something goes, dont be afraid to ask.:D

THE NUMBER ONE RULE: Have fun.:D This group is for anyone who wants to get there art work out there and known. We want everyone to have fun and BE NICE to each other. If we hear that some of you are trolling, bullying, and/or being rude or mean, we will kick you out. Thank you.:)

Gallery Folders

That Fourth Chaos Emerald by JovialNightz
Beat and Ayanna by IX-universe
CP: Sentient by IX-universe
DJ Starcore Contest Entry by SilverEyedSaberKitty
Official Characters
Out Of This World - Gift/Collab by Shadoraya
Christmas 2016 by TwoBerries
TaeKwondo Blaze Cat by VolksGTiFox
Comm 1 by Azingosth
CLOSED Fancharacter CLOSED
Cleo. by chibigir328
DRAWING by Lluvia-Oscura
what the hell? by Lluvia-Oscura
is right to die for a love? by Lluvia-Oscura
Fan Character 2 Folder
The Frost Lich King - Kristoff by Schleswig
At: flowing ~ by Cakeklis
Shady the Hedgehog Model - Almost done! by shadyever
Adoptables #7 OTA OPEN by Rimexin
Sonic Official Characters and Fan Character s
Sharp January - Contest Entry - GIF by TwoBerries
Hizen Resurected by Azingosth
Chaos Queen || Possession || by AprilShine03
SXCXK || Merry Christmas! || by AprilShine03
Official Sonic Character Couples
That Surpirse by Blossom-fur7
Shadamy-Chance Encounter COLORED by Blossom-fur7
SPECIAL: IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE!! by sarahlouiseghost
CE_Finally you've come by AnnA8448
Official Sonic CharacterxFan Character couples
Never Fear, the New Year Is Here! by PolymerWantACracker
Com: Emerald vs Amy-- Part 4 by hopelessromantic721
Contest: AkaixAmy by hopelessromantic721
Contest: Wedding Day by hopelessromantic721
Fan Character Couples
.: CE: Let Go :. by CottonCandyHurricane
Fox Racing, Inc. by PolymerWantACracker
AT: Filbert and Ibbie by Blossom-fur7
Truce~ by Blossom-fur7
Official Couple Fan Kids
Sonic NG1: Lily the echidna by Smileverse
Double date by generalrusty78
Girls just wanna have fun by generalrusty78
ST: Far sighted by Uriirhay
Sonic OC bio: Princess Auriana Moon by Smileverse
Sonic oc bio: Princess Talia Diamond by Smileverse
Ref sheets
.: Shina Matsuki - Reference 2017 :. by blakethehedgehog16
Other Misc
voids pg 1 by Cakeklis
Mature art
.: Isn't Large Enough? :. by blakethehedgehog16
Work in progress
OPEN - Sonic Adopt: Female Rat by SailingScum
Ursula Chao by NightAngelTDC
Sonic the hedgehog crossovers
Sonic Boom, what else! by ChiptheHedgehog
Finnished memes
~Megan Boogie bam~ by MeganTheFox15
CONTEST December 2013-Spring 2014
Contest Entry: Do you remember me..... by shallowdeepcreation


Hey all, its me the founder here

Just wanted to give you all an update on whats been going on, why I've been so quite lately.

Honestly, I've just been swamped to the point of no return by work and life. I've had barely any energy to get on lately other than to approve deviations, and even that has been difficult lately...

Anyway, I'm going to allow deviations to be submitted automatically, but each user will get a set limit per day that they can submit. Was thinking maybe 5 per day?

So yeah, expect that change to happen very soon.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions and/or comments, feel free to leave them in a comment down below. I welcome any and all feedback in regards to this group. =)

~Kitsunelegend, Founder
I just had a weird glitch in accepting some deviations, so some of them may not have been accepted with the latest batch. If you have been waiting for a deviation to be accepted for a while now, (since yesterday mainly, or early today) please let me know so I can see about fixing it. Chances are you'll probably have to just resubmit it.

Sorry about any inconvenience guys! ^-^;
More Journal Entries


Hello, and welcome to Sonic-and-OCs!:heart: This is where all Sonic fan artits can come and submit their art and have fun! We take pride in satisfying your needs and wants in a group.

Here, we do not discriminate against any artist because of pageviews, watchers, art skills, etc. This group is for everyone! We even approve of crossovers, human versions of sonic characters, gore, homosexual couples, and your sexual artwork (Of course submitted under some rules and regulations and must not go against DA's rules).We even offer adoptable characters to artists who just can't think of a character.

We hope that all of you come and hopefully feel welcomed into our group!

If you have any problems please feel free to contact us. Please try to contact us by note because comments are often not seen and go unnoticed.

Also, all rules, we hope, you will follow since if there wasn't any at all then we would have chaos. All great places have to have some sort of rules to go by.




Newest Members



Here are some of the other great groups we are affiliated with. Go check 'em of you'd like.:D


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chrissiexamyfan Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Okay, thanks :D (Big Grin) And again, I'm really sorry Sweating a little... 
chrissiexamyfan Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Could someone please put my fan character in the fan character 2 folder, I made a mistake and occidentally sended it to the official characters. I'm really sorry Sweating a little... 
kitsunelegend Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
No worries, I got it moved to the correct folder. It happens to the best of us. :)
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I haven't put any art into any folder yet because I'm not finish and also I have responsibilities but I'll still be able to submit art this week.
PingasSenpai Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
I submitted to the wrong folder... Oops ^^;
kitsunelegend Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Its alright, it happens. ^-^

Which folder was it? I'll be sure to move it to the correct one. =)
PingasSenpai Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
It's in the Fan Character Couples 2 folder, I believe :)
I was meaning to put it into the Fan Character 2 folder.
LordVaatiXsis Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2015  Student General Artist
I Have A request, Can Someone Draw? My Very First OC: Crimson Shadow The Hedgehog?
TruBluSonic Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015  Professional Artist
my i join i draw sa2 style sonicart here a link…

i do free SA2 CHARACTER REQUEST and can subit them here if u let me 

 i makeing comic called  sonic new gen  can subit them here if u let me my characters -profile / turnarounds / bio heres a link

hope u let me join 
kitsunelegend Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
All join requests are automatically accepted so there is no need to ask. ^-^

As long as you follow the rules and post to the correct folders, we'd be happy to have your work included in you group. ^-^ 
TruBluSonic Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2015  Professional Artist
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Does anyone want to RP?
wr024190 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015
Would you accept Sonic fusions?
kitsunelegend Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Could you please explain what you mean by "fusion"? Do you mean like, two sonic characters mixed together? Just trying to understand to help better ^^;

Also, sorry about taking soooo long t respond, I was away for the last week and had no access to internet. I do apologize for the wait. ^^;
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